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Owen 4 Weeks

The People Behind Mountain Grown Doodles

 We are a dedicated breeding family located in the beautiful mountains of east Tennessee.  We have always had an obsession with furry four legged animals.  We like to think of them as perfection wrapped in fur.  We specialize in Newfiedoodles & Bernedoodles....,  Why you ask...... because well...., we like big dogs.  Our dogs are a huge (and we mean HUGE) part of our family.  All puppies are loved and cared for individually.  Each puppy spends time alone with each family member, along with whole family get togethers.  They are raised around children and other pets.  Each puppy will come to you fluffy, healthy, and well socialized.  We would love for one of our doodles to find a place in your heart and home. 

The Best Part Of Our Story

It has been proven in studies conducted throughout the world that people who own pets live longer.  Dogs bring love, comfort, and laughter to our lives.  We strive to raise puppies that will bring joy and happiness to their future families.  However, in our faith in Jesus Christ we have found a joy that is everlasting and a peace that passes all understanding.  We would love to take this providential opportunity to share a short video with you.  Please take a few moments to watch it and share it with someone you love.

......and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:7

This sermon changed my life forever.  I thought I was a Christian my entire life, until I heard this.

Old Testament prophecies unfolding.  Amazing to see the Sovereignty of the LORD at work in His chosen people. 

Contact Us

If you have questions please send us an email.  We will promptly return your message.

Ava's Blue Boy
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